Simple Faith

About 5 years ago my dad asked,

D: “Kid, do you think I will go to heaven?”  
‘Why do you think you will go to heaven?’
D: “Imma good man. I mow my lawn. I walk my dog.”
(Holding back a laugh I said) ‘You make it too complicated.’
D: “Huh?”
‘Jesus died for you on a cross so that you could go to heaven.  What is left to do?  What can your works add to this?’

As I sit here on this pensive morning, I cannot help but recall our conversation.  Is faith really that simple?  Could life be just as simple?  

Reading today’s “Streams in the Desert” only served to intensify that curiosity: 

Jesus said, “According to your faith, it will be done for you” (Matt. 9:29).

“Praying through” something might be defined as praying one’s way into full faith: coming to the place of assurance, while still praying that your prayer has been accepted and heard, and in advance of the answer, with confident expectation, becoming aware of receiving what you ask. 

Remember that no earthly circumstances can hinder the fulfillment of His Word.  Do not look at the uncertainty of this ever-changing world, but fix your eyes on the certainty of His unchanging Word. 

The prayer of the Pentecostal era was prayed with such simple faith that they were like cashing a check. Robert Anderson 

Lord, you know the beginning and the end.  Heal this world of this virus. Let a vaccine be found. Provide care for the children who are hungry and in need.  Lift up and care for the many who lost their jobs and will lose their jobs.  Calm fears. Heal sickness. Bring the wanderers back to You. Give the healthy Your heart, to be Your hands and feet and go to those in need. Boost the economy. Let Your will be done. Amen. 


Published by KPatt

An outgoing Enneagram 7 who loves to travel, journal, blog, laugh until I cry, take risks, love hard, and live simple. Originally from a small town in Minnesota, I graduated from the University of Minnesota's School of Professional Journalism -- Go Gophers! My husband and I got married and soon after moved to Reno, NV and have enjoyed every moment being out here. In the last 5 years, between getting married, moving halfway across the United States, getting licensed to do foster care, buying a house, and navigating everything in between, I have wanted a forum to tell our story, share Truth, and encourage others with tough lessons we have learned along the way. Thank you for sticking around to read a post or two. If you are encouraged, please share the post, leave feedback, and send me a message! God bless and thanks for being here.

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