Creamy Tortellini Soup and Sausage

So I made this meal on a whim. I had some of the ingredients for a Creamy Tortellini Soup with Sausage and improvised on the rest. I thought it was okay, but my husband said the soup made the list of his top 5 soups. Apparently (for him) thicker, creamier, meatier is the way toContinue reading “Creamy Tortellini Soup and Sausage”

The Long Road of Healing

This morning I found myself strolling down Memory Lane, a memory that scares me, a memory I wish I could bury forever and never recall. The memory used to cripple me. It would rise up from the deep, dark hole I shoved it down and arouse intense emotions, leaving me in a tail spin asContinue reading “The Long Road of Healing”

Morning Thoughts: The Hurt and the Healing

Thunder crashes in the background as I sip my morning tea. The first rays of sunlight drift warmly in through the windows as the puppy curls into a ball for his post wake-up nap. Is there a storm in Reno today? Not at all. Thank you modern technology and Google Home for bringing thunder stormContinue reading “Morning Thoughts: The Hurt and the Healing”

The Decision To Do Foster

Growing up there were two girls in my class of 100 who were adopted (that I knew of). Nobody in my immediate family did foster care or discussed foster/adoption. So it was never on my radar — nor the radar of my husband. About three years ago I started volunteering with ‘high-risk’ (female) teenagers. OneContinue reading “The Decision To Do Foster”

Lime in the Coconut

Day 14 of COVID-19 lock down, we are finding new ways of staying entertained. Last night I decided I would perfect my homemade margarita. Stocked with: Fresh oranges, lemons, and limes Silver Tequila Cointreau Salt and sugar And a playlist based on “Lime in the Coconut” I was ready! One sip turned into more sipsContinue reading “Lime in the Coconut”

Pretty Sexy Chicken and Rice Soup

I will not say it is the BEST chicken soup you’ll ever eat, because ‘best’ is subjective. However, I will say it is my favorite. It is so hard to get good flavor into chicken soup: broth can be bland; vegetables are bland; and let’s be honest, the average chicken noodle soup (or in thisContinue reading “Pretty Sexy Chicken and Rice Soup”