Faith is What you Find

This morning I was led to a new definition – well, perhaps ‘understanding’ is a better term—of faith. “Faith is what you find at the end of your faith”               Abraham – Father of Faith – got the call (from God) to leave and go to a faraway land, and he left.  How long didContinue reading “Faith is What you Find”

A Modern-Day Nativity

Normally I don’t pay too much attention to nativity scenes. Growing up a good Catholic, I was surrounded by these classic, made in China figurines and have grown a bit desensitized to the meaning behind them. Yet, this year the scene has caught my attention more than once and caused me to stop what I’mContinue reading “A Modern-Day Nativity”

Faith/Passion Based on Authority

The other day my husband and I were having a conversation. We just had our first baby. He’s 3 months old, and we were acknowledging the fact that there’s been more tension in our marriage in the last 3 months than there has been in the last 5 years. Why is this? I mean weContinue reading “Faith/Passion Based on Authority”

Morning Thoughts: The Hurt and the Healing

Thunder crashes in the background as I sip my morning tea. The first rays of sunlight drift warmly in through the windows as the puppy curls into a ball for his post wake-up nap. Is there a storm in Reno today? Not at all. Thank you modern technology and Google Home for bringing thunder stormContinue reading “Morning Thoughts: The Hurt and the Healing”

Lime in the Coconut

Day 14 of COVID-19 lock down, we are finding new ways of staying entertained. Last night I decided I would perfect my homemade margarita. Stocked with: Fresh oranges, lemons, and limes Silver Tequila Cointreau Salt and sugar And a playlist based on “Lime in the Coconut” I was ready! One sip turned into more sipsContinue reading “Lime in the Coconut”

Simple Faith

About 5 years ago my dad asked, D: “Kid, do you think I will go to heaven?”  ‘Why do you think you will go to heaven?’D: “Imma good man. I mow my lawn. I walk my dog.”(Holding back a laugh I said) ‘You make it too complicated.’D: “Huh?”‘Jesus died for you on a cross so thatContinue reading “Simple Faith”