Katie’s Corner

A corner in the world where I can write my thoughts about food, God, and children in need.

The 3 main topics my blog features…

Spirit – Led

I believe in a Higher Power. I call this Power, God. I love this God and write about Him/Her or more accurately write my thoughts of Him/Her. This category is tagged as “Spiritual” or “Spirit-filled.”

Foster Care

My husband and I stepped out of our comfort zone and got licensed to do foster care. It has been an emotional journey but a rewarding one. I hope these writings reflect the need for people like you and like me to step up or step out and help children in need. There is a child out there who needs you!


Food is art. Food paired with the right wine is divine. I love food because it brings joy but mostly because it brings people together. I am no chef, but I look forward to sharing my kitchen creations.

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